Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Session 1

BACKGROUND - what a picture book is; how and why it works; what children look for; why we write picture books.

Session 2

IDEAS - universal concepts; experiences and emotions that relate to a young child's experiences; values and concepts that lead to understanding and growth; observation and note-taking. Turning your ideas into picture books.

Session 3

OUTLINING & PLOTTING - planning a story to clarify thinking; a brief plot summary; outlining; picture possibilities.

Session 4

CHARACTERS - a single main character; action and dialogue (showing, not telling); writing from the child's point of view; motivation. Know your main character, how he feels, what he thinks.

Session 5

SENSORY LANGUAGE - should have a lyrical quality; a rich vocabulary using exciting, varied language; use rhythm and sounds to enhance the language; avoiding description; using word images; economy of words.

Session 6

BEGINNING - making a promise to the reader; the importance of a strong opening; establishing the main character and the story problem.

MIDDLE - developing a story, using action, dialogue; humor; keeping the reader interested, adding story tension; conflict.

END - the hero resolves the problem; ending on a happy or hopeful note; fulfilling the promise made at the beginning.

Session 7

THE DUMMY BOOK - laying out a picture book; revising for balance and pacing; keeping open space on the page; using one complete action per spread; changing of scenes; letting the story flow easily and move quickly.

Session 8

REVISING - In your final crafting, make every word count. Read it aloud to hear how it sounds. Use a checklist to be sure you have covered the main points in constructing your story.

Session 9

Introduction to illustration technique and applied to picture book.

Session 10

Work in progress.- From idea to producing artwork

Session 11

Revised , comment , critic artwork – participant will finish art work in his / her studio and will summit artwork .

Asian Festival of Children's Content (AFCC) Singapore

Hari ini hingga sabtu saya berada diSingapura menghadiri AFCC. Ini kali ketiga saya diundang kesini. Setiap kali hadir ada saja sesuatu yang menarik. Tahun lalu buku saya dilancarkan disini. tahun ini pula diberi peluang jadi juri untuk pertandingan buku kanak-kanak ( Hedwig Anuar Children's Book Award 2011) dan mengendalikan bengkel menghasilkan buku berillustrasi dalam bahasa melayu. Disamping itu juga ada pelancaran buku saya dan buku buku terbitan agensi saya. Banyak pekara yang nak dilakukan disini diantara pertemuan dengan Ferina ( pegawai dari Elephant Parade) dan puan Nor Hayati dari majlis buku Kebangsaan Malaysia.
Apa apa pun saya gembira bila berada disini.

Monolith Garden Oslo

Monolith Garden Oslo
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